Stage 2

Project Type: Staged Residential Townhouse Development
Loan Amount: $16,000,000

Why Right Angle Group?
An existing client of Right Angle Group who asked us to tender the funding of a large residential townhouse development.

What our client required:

  • Funding for 115 townhouses in 2 stages with formal approval for the take out finance on 31 townhouses being retained as long term rentals
  • Lowest level of complying presales

What we achieved for our client:

  • Formal approval for the take out of 31 townhouses on term debt on completion of the project at a delivery rate of 4.25% with a loan value ratio of 65% (In one line)
  • Use of a $3,5000,000 uplift in value from purchase price based on the DA approved value
  • 30% debt cover in complying presales
  • Formal approval within 3 weeks of loan lodgement



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